Physio Rehab is a strength and conditioning program tailored specifically to your requirements.  It is used to rehabilitate your injury and strengthen your body.  Following a detailed assessment, a variety of exercises are prescribed to match your rehabilitation goals.  These may involve the use of equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, balance boards and Pilates reformers or trapeze tables.  We utilise the well-equipped gymnasiums at both our Berwick and Pakenham clinics to create an individualised program aimed at reaching your goals.  Our Physio Rehab Program typically consists of 8 sessions which are run in line with school terms.

Is Physio Rehab covered by my private health insurance?

Yes.  Our Physio Rehab program is compliant with the recent Private Health Insurance changes made by the federal government which allows our patients to use their Private Health Insurance and receive a rebate for the session.  From 1st April 2019, Private Health Insurers will no longer provide a rebate for services which solely include Pilates.