The best patient care comes with a supportive team of highly qualified health care practitioners.  When you refer your patients to a physiotherapist, you want to be assured that your patients’ quality of care will be maintained.

The Berwick and Pakenham Lakeside team are experts in musculoskeletal physiotherapy care.   Currently there are many surgeons and physicians that engage our services to assist in the management of their patients, confident that they are maintaining their focus on ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.

At Berwick and Pakenham Lakeside, all of our physiotherapists are selected based on their musculoskeletal interest and competency.  Of all physiotherapists in Australia, only a small proportion have postgraduate musculoskeletal qualifications.  The Berwick and Pakenham Lakeside practices have one of the highest numbers of musculoskeletal physiotherapists in a single group in Australia; which is why when we say ‘expert physiotherapists’, we really mean it.

When you refer your patients to us, you can be sure that they are in expert hands.  Download referral pad.