Adductor Strengthening Exercises

Adductor strains are common on the sports field and in the work place. Often it can be due to an imbalance or weakness of the adductor muscles on the inside of the leg. In this short video, Se-Jin shows some easy progressive exercises to build strength in the adductor muscles.

Single Knee Bends

In this short video Chris explains how a simple movement such as standing single knee bend can tell a lot about someone’s biomechanics and potential issues that might be contributing or causing an injury. Chris is a little shy so no amount of asking nicely would get him on camera.

Lower Limb Strength

In this video, Nathaniel shows us some variations to improve lower limb strength and build some functional strength for the pre season to help with running. It is very important to work on different positions of strength to improve control and function to maximise performance on the sports field and reduce the risk of injury.


Basic Squats

It’s time to get back to basics. Felina and Georde demonstrate how to do a basic squat making sure that the knees don’t drive too far over the toes. Knee position is vital in a good strong squat. Depending on a person’s anatomy and levers, there may be some variation in how far the knee moves forward but generally keeping the knee from passing the toes is a good start. Keeping the knee from rolling inwards is another good tip to ensure your squat is on track. The knees should be apart and follow the line of the feet. So fire up the glutes and get squatting!!

Benefits of Clinical Pilates

Kirsti McCormack takes us through some of the benefits of Clinical Pilates classes run by Berwick Physiotherapy.