Adrian Matotek

Exercise Physiologist (ESSAM, AES, AEP)

Adrian is the newest member to join our Berwick Physiotherapy and Pakenham Lakeside Physiotherapy team.  He has experience in running cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs within a community setting, using exercise as a means of recovery for those with chronic pain, working with elderly populations to reduce likelihood of falls and assisting elite athletes return to sport and prevent injury.

A strong believer of ‘exercise is medicine’ and having a particular interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, return to work/sport programs, and chronic pain and diabetes management, Adrian is available for group and individuals appointments, all which aim to improve function levels and pain, the ability to complete daily living activities and overall quality of life.

Outside work, he has a keen interest in sport, health and fitness, having played basketball, football, and taking part in athletics and kickboxing during his earlier years.  More recently, he is unlikely to pass up the opportunity to indulge in his latest sporting interests, ie jet skiing, surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

Provider #5514431L (Berwick Physiotherapy) /5514432A (Pakenham Lakeside Physiotherapy) / ABN #28220559926